NOTE: You may use the NEW Student Enrollment Form to enroll your students in any of the following Guild Auditions: In-Person (whenever possible), Online (via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, etc.) or Video (viaYouTube). If you are enrolling in any combination of these, you must submit a separate Student Enrollment Form for each format. For additional information, see “Instructions for Teachers” at the beginning of the Student Enrollment Form.


There are two ways to utilize the NEW Student Enrollment Form. Before proceeding, you will need to determine in which format(s) you wish to enroll students (In-Person, Online &/or Video) and how you wish to pay for your student Auditions.

*****When paying by Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal:

(click here) to complete the Student Enrollment Form and proceed to the Payment Processing Section

*****When submitting a Money Order or teacher’s check

(click here) to complete and print Student Enrollment Form


PLEASE REMEMBER: If you choose NOT to pay online for your enrollment, collect all Student Fees and enclose the total Student Enrollment Fees (plus $10.00 shipping & handling fee) in ONE Money Order or teacher’s check. Mail the single payment (check or Money Order) WITH THE COMPLETED STUDENT ENROLLMENT FORM to AMERICAN COLLEGE OF MUSICIANS, P.O. Box 9469, Austin, Texas 78766-9469 (preferably by February 1).  Check or Money Order received without the Enrollment Form will NOT be scheduled until the Enrollment Form is received.  An Enrollment Form received without a Money Order or check (with an unsigned check or post-dated check) will NOT be scheduled until payment is received.