Privileges of Guild Teacher Membership

Besides the motivation and goals that Guild provides teachers, members of the Piano Guild are entitled to several additional benefits:
1. Adjudication of Students. A Guild teacher may present any number of students to be adjudicated in the National Piano Playing Auditions, Guild Founder Award Program, and Composition Contest. Students work toward certificates, cash prizes, fraternity pins, Diploma awards, Medals and Scholarships.
2. Teacher’s Conference. Any teacher entering students in Guild Auditions may request and receive a special 30-minute private conference with the judge following the Auditions of that teacher’s students. (Not applicable for Video Auditions.)
3. Teacher’s Confidential Opinion Report. Any teacher entering Auditions may receive a sealed “confidential opinion” report from the judge regarding his/her students (no fee).
4. Sponsor Pin. First year Guild teachers receive an NESM sponsor pin. Since students automatically become members as they participate in Auditions, teachers inherit the sponsorship of their respective students.
5. Guild Membership Certificate. Teachers receive a certificate for their initial membership in Guild.
6. Copy of the Guild Syllabus. All Guild teachers receive a yearly updated copy of the Syllabus.
7. Piano Guild Notes (magazine). All Guild teachers receive the Piano Guild Notes magazine four times a year. The magazine is devoted to Guild teachers and students, and contains announcements and photos about individual musical achievements, special events, and new publications/reviews. Also included are articles by well-known musicians on topics of musical interest. All Guild teachers are encouraged to send information and/or photographs of studio and student events to Piano Guild Notes for publication in this internationally distributed magazine. (See “Bulletin Board” published in each issue for deadline dates.)
8. Teacher Awards. Guild teachers are given the opportunity to achieve various awards and honors.